“Testing the waters”

10 Sep

Testing the waters in PeruToday we relaxed in Miraflores, which is the nicer part of Lima. We went for a lovely walk overlooking la playa, visited the beautiful Larcomar, a 3-story mall built into the cliffs of Lima complete with Starbucks and Tony Roma’s, and made happy memories in the waters of the Pacific near sunset (~6pm), although neither air nor water were particularly warm…. Today was the first visit to the ocean that Anna and Timothy remember and Daniel’s first visit to the Pacific.

We enjoyed an excellent lunch including alpaca and guinea pig dishes with engineers whom I met during our April visit. I forgot to mention that earlier in the day we found our way without GPS to the Claro store where I got set up with a Peruvian SIM card and later bought 5 days’ worth of mobile Internet so I can find my way around with GPS. The Claro centros de atención (customer service centers) put US carriers to shame. They have an orderly system for queueing and provided efficient and friendly service to a gringo who could barely speak Spanish….

I conversed with the taxi driver in Spanish for 30 minutes last night and understood him quite easily. Had many more opportunities to practice today as few people speak English. Sometimes I realized my mistakes later, sometimes sooner on account of the blank looks. I asked the security guard at Larcomar, “Where are we the stairs that are going to the beach?” or something like that. Sometimes I realized that the nice clerks probably knew English, but I was having fun and need the practice, anyway.

Forgot to mention breakfast coffee. As we were informed previously, Peruvians drink mostly instant coffee. I actually like it as well as anything I’ve tried.

Vicki gave the kids tea made from coca leaves. Ahem. It’s very common here and not at all stimulating, as evidenced by the four people now asleep in our little room.

Click on the picture to see many more from today’s adventures.

3 Responses to ““Testing the waters””

  1. Debra Mucci September 13, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    If I’m supposed to know what Tony Roma’s is, I’m woefully atrasada.

  2. kcauble September 13, 2013 at 9:14 pm #

    Don’t give in to the Plague of Instant Coffee!!! It’s spread across Europe and parts of the Americas that provide delicious coffees to the whole world! Fight it!! Don’t succumb!

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