Well, that was quick!

15 Sep

One of our expectations in coming to Perú was that there would be far greater openness to the gospel here. But we didn’t expect to be witnessing to a taxi driver our first week! Yesterday we hopped in a taxi waiting near our guest house and met Ricardo, who spoke decent English. As I am in the habit of doing when I like a taxi driver, I asked for his phone number and called him after church today for a ride home. He was delighted to see us again and began to tell us in English part of his story, how he used to be a marketing teacher in downtown Arequipa but gave up his job to seek treasure (yes, literal gold treasure) in a friend’s field. During those months, however, he began to have fearful visions as he was working and he and wife experienced dreams where they saw what they thought was the devil. Ricardo is confused about whether he should have left seeking treasure and what to believe regarding the terrible dreams. All of this is consistent with what we know of the great mysticism among Catholics in South America. It surprised us a little when Ricardo told us that when the Spaniards came, they mixed their religion with the local mysticism and that’s the religion he believes. He was quite emotional as the dreams seem to really bother him. I began to explain to him that there is heavenly treasure which is far better than earthly treasure and that the Bible offers purity and freedom from oppressive dreams like his. Does he read the Bible, I asked? No. Then Vicki thought to add, do you have a Bible? No, just his grandmother’s. I suggested that he start in the book of John and that I would find him a Bible. I also invited him to come to a men’s Bible study, which, it turns out, may not exist yet, but I think it’s about to! He lives a little further south than the area where we are currently, so we are on the way into town for him and I hope to have many more conversations with Ricardo. Pray for us and Ricardo!

3 Responses to “Well, that was quick!”

  1. David Bearden September 16, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    PTL! I just prayed for you and that the Lord would reveal Himself to Ricardo and make him His own.

  2. Dawn September 16, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    I love this! Praising The Lord with u!

  3. seaedge99 September 16, 2013 at 2:42 pm #


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