Mission guest house

17 Sep
Water filter in corner provides safe water (as long as you fill it)

Water filter in corner provides safe water

Yesterday we moved to the mission guest house in the Umacollo district of Arequipa. With two modest bedrooms and one bathroom, it’s a little cramped, but the price is right ($20/night) for the next couple weeks until we can find a rental house. We’re very fortunate to use it because there is a mining convention this week in Arequipa and lodging is very hard to find.

The mission house is within walking distance to language school, numerous small markets, a bakery, several restaurants, a department store, and downtown. We’re thankful for a very convenient location! Also, there are several other missionaries staying in the units right around us so we can get to know them a bit.

I took a few pictures so you could get an idea of what it’s like. There is a small kitchen with water filter. Every night you pour a few liters into the top of the canister, then it trickles down while you sleep so you have safe water for drinking and rinsing in the morning. The stove and hot water are powered by gas bottles like you see in the bathroom. Everyone is motivated to keep showers short so you’re not the one in the shower when the gas bottle runs out and you have to connect a new one 🙂

The beds are comfortable enough. It will be really nice when we can unpack into a permanent space and get the suitcases off the walls. Yesterday we looked at a promising rental house in the Sachaca district. It has 3 bedrooms + office, 1.5 baths, and a garage. The rooms are fairly large and it would come furnished since the owner doesn’t have room to store the furniture that’s in there now. It’s a little more space and higher price than we were seeking, but the owner may come down some. Foreigners have an advantage here as they are known to pay the bills on time and take good care of property.

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