Settling in

17 Sep
Here at the guest house in Umacollo district, I’m breathing as well as I have in a long time. This is a long-hoped-for relief to my body. It’s really convenient to have so many markets nearby. Practically every block has a mini convenience store and it’s less than 5 min to a large produce market and supermarket. The kids start language school next week, Lord-willing, otherwise the 30th. Tomorrow Vicki is going to judge an English spelling bee at Ebenezer School.
Ricardo drove us to Sachaca again today and I asked him for business contacts since he used to be a marketing teacher. I’m looking for an accountant and lawyer to get things rolling. I bought him a Bible and will give it to him hopefully tomorrow and invite him to Thursday night Bible study with some Peruvian men.
The kids are doing well. I have heard very little complaining and no one has said, “I want to go home.” They’ve been troopers all. They have made friends among other missionary families with kids the same ages, which is a tremendous blessing. No one has complained about the run-down buses or all of us crowding into a taxi. It’s all sort of new and interesting at this point, and we’ve almost forgotten that roads are supposed to be smooth and unobstructed…

One Response to “Settling in”

  1. michael CHANDLER September 19, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    We be grateful everyone is happy to be there. Praying for Richardo! Sorry about the camera. The incident will raise caution for future thefts. Hopefully, may prevent much greater losses down the road.

    Love, Dad


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