Good day of fellowship

22 Sep

Today we enjoyed sweet fellowship with the Peats and the church that meets in their home. We spent the afternoon with the Peat family, enjoyed some wonderful Indian curry for lunch, and our kids enjoyed playing with their two boys. Besides planting a church in southern Arequipa, the Peats have a burden to work with local churches and Christian schools to provide training in areas where the Peruvian church is typically weak, such as biblical family life and stewardship. In their meeting facility, they cater to school groups and have activity days with games and archery along with food and Bible talks. Sadly, most high school students from Christian homes and schools cannot give biblical answers to basic questions such as “Why did Jesus have to die?” and Steve takes the opportunity to present the biblical gospel of grace instead of the “be a good person” mentality which is prevalent even in the evangelical church.

Let me say just a few words about health. So far, I have been the only one affected by the local bacteria and started taking Cipro yesterday to counter worsening intestinal trouble. I am very thankful to report that it is working and I feel much better. Missionary Doctor Allen describes such problems as an “occupational hazard” here. Even those who have been here for decades occasionally have episodes despite disinfecting all raw foods and drinking only bottled or filtered water. Also on the health front, I bought an extra asthma inhaler to keep on hand. It cost about $3 and no prescription was required. Same thing in the States costs $45 plus a doctor’s visit for refills. Cipro is also cheap and available here, so no need to pay big bucks for it in the States before you visit. When we visited in April, we didn’t need it, anyway and hopefully you won’t, either.

Tomorrow we look at a furnished apartment for rent, Lord-willing. There weren’t many new listing in today’s paper, so we’ll hopefully be able to make a decision tomorrow. At this stage, we really want to stay close to the language school and we have one good option in hand that would allow that. Lord-willing, we will also have ample guest quarters, so be thinking about when you’re coming to visit!

Thank you for remembering us in prayer as we make major decisions.

One Response to “Good day of fellowship”

  1. kcauble September 23, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    Praying about the house decision today/this week.

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