25 Sep

We felt an earthquake in Arequipa this morning. It was a 7.0 off the coast between here and Lima (~300 miles away). Vicki noticed some things rattling in the house. I was on the combi (a mini bus) so didn’t notice. The water came back on last night, so we have hot water again today. There is a tank on the roof at the guest house, but the instantaneous gas water heater in the bathroom requires a pressurized supply to operate. I saw some kind of political protest blocking a major road this morning and am told that there is a general strike planned for tomorrow. Sometimes they are non-events. Other times it’s best to stay at home.

This morning I had to go back to the immigration office to get a spelling mistake corrected on our “permission to sign contracts.” This afternoon, Lord-willing, we will finalize arrangements to rent an apartment and, if the papers are ready, open a local bank account for the business, Zuriel Corporation S.A.C. Later tonight, we hope to begin shopping for beds, appliances, etc.

2 Responses to “Tremor!”

  1. Judy Chandler September 25, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    Did you so name the company as to get inquiries and an open door for witness? What does S.A.C. stand for? You are going great guns in all of your accomplishments! Thank you for the daily news.

    • David Chandler September 25, 2013 at 11:17 pm #

      S.A.C. stands for Sociedad Anónimo Cerrada, or closed corporation. It’s similar to a subchapter S corp in the States, basically a simplified corporation with fewer reporting requirements. And yes, the name Zuriel serves many purposes. It sounds somewhat Latin and has special meaning to students of the Word.

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