Spring is here!

28 Sep

We realized today that it’s officially Spring. Actually, it has been for a few days, but today we started to see clouds on El Misti, which is a sign of more humid air, I think.

We still don’t have the company formed. It turns out that the general manager must be a Peruvian and he must open the bank account. Fortunately, Steve Peat was born here and qualifies 🙂 Lord-willing, Monday afternoon we’ll get that settled.

We signed the contract on our rental flat! We met with the owners this morning. Starting yesterday, I visited 5 different bank locations to withdraw the required sum in 15 different transactions. It’s actually not that much money, but the ATM limits are low here and cash is by far the most cost-effective way to move money. I did realize that MasterCard is charging me 1% for all ATM transactions, including withdrawal of US dollars. But that’s still much less than the local banks charge. Until I get a Peruvian account hooked up with PayPal (if such a thing is even possible), I think it’s the best we can do. Anyway, I’ve never been so glad to get rid of a wad of cash. I felt increasingly like a criminal hitting one ATM after another downtown, and increasingly vulnerable with 3 months rent in my jacket pocket.

The owners have already installed the thermal water heater as promised (in addition to the existing solar) and spent all day cleaning the place. This is a really good sign. We took over a load of cleaning supplies tonight. Fortunately, tomorrow is a special sale day at the nearby shopping centers, so we will be able to buy some good brand appliances at 25-30% off. Two different clerks tonight informed us that the items we wanted would be on sale starting tomorrow, which was very kind of them. We will have to wait for Wed for delivery of our stove, fridge, and washing machine, but all the beds and mattresses should show up tomorrow, Lord-willing. That’s it for now. Tomorrow is very busy.

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