On the mend

7 Oct

Our electricity came back mid-morning yesterday and we made lots of video calls last night to friends and family using Google Hangouts. How cool! Evidently, Sunday morning electricity cuts are not uncommon in Arequipa.

This morning, I was feeling pretty lousy all around, but took an ibuprofen and am starting to feel a little better. We are still waiting on our kitchen table and chairs. Vicki is off to the market by herself this morning to see what vegetables she can get for $6 or so, which is all the cash we had left in the house. Cash is king in Peru. As a foreigner especially, it is a pain to use credit / debit cards because they have to see your passport and run the card through two different machines. In the US, I had all but abandoned cash, so I have never before made so many trips to cash machines. The most you can get in one transaction from the local ATMs is 700 soles, or about $250 US, so we typically have to withdraw cash 2-3x per week.

We understood a little bit of the worship service yesterday at the Riches’ assembly downtown. Some of the hymns are translations of well-known English hymns to the same tunes, which helps a lot. Singing is also a great aid to learning pronunciation because it frequently emphasizes syllable breaks. For instance, I’ve noticed that “ción” sounds like one syllable, not two, and words with an “r” in them break before the “r,” not after, so it’s “esta-remos,” not “estar-emos.” We really miss small groups. There are various mid-week Bible studies, but language is still a barrier in that setting.

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