Weekend report

3 Nov

One of the reasons I’ve lost weight

We didn’t make it inside a cemetery yesterday to observe the festivities, but we did pass by one and it appeared exactly as it had been described to us: lots of people, flowers, vendors, and a generally cheerful atmosphere. You would think everyone was going to the beach. We did some shopping and caught up on Spanish homework.

Today we worshipped with the brethren that meet in the Peats’ home and spent most of the day there. The people have been very welcoming and are delighted to help us with our Spanish. Our boys enjoy playing with the Peat boys of similar ages and we all appreciate being able to converse in English. The service is simple. We sing a few songs from a Spanish hymnal as well as a few English hymns that have been translated. Steve has been preaching from the Sermon on the Mount and it has been very edifying (at least, what I think he said has been, as I don’t yet have the gift of tongues to know for sure what he said). All the songs and Scriptures are on the projector, which makes it easier for everyone to follow along. Our friends from the UK were surprised to learn that we had heard Achille Blaize preach once in the US. The Peats are about the same age as us, and the circles we’ve each grown up in evidently overlap somewhat.

Thanks to the time change in the US, we’re now on Eastern Standard Time just like most of our readers. For the next 3-4 months, we’ll have a bit more daylight than our friends in the mid-latitudes, as the sun is up from roughly 5am to 6pm this time of year. Because we’re only 16 degrees from the equator, there is much less variation in daylight here from summer to winter. When we first arrived, it took some getting used to the sun setting 2 hours earlier, not to mention rising 2 hours earlier. Thankfully, we now have curtains 🙂

The picture is looking down the staircase to our apartment, which has no doubt contributed to some weight loss. For more pictures of our place, check your Google+ feed. I reckon I’ll post on FB eventually, but the privacy options are so limited.


One Response to “Weekend report”

  1. Chuck Buchanan November 5, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    Hi there to the Clan Chandler !
    I am enjoying your blog. It is so encouraging to see The Lord working in & through you guys. I am sure that ‘the gift of tongues’ will be forthcoming.

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