Round 4

8 Nov

Yesterday we took the kids to the doctor using our Peruvian health insurance. There is a clinic very near our apartment (10 min walk). I made the appointment on Tuesday and we waited only 30 minutes or so on arrival, which is pretty typical for doctors 🙂 We really liked the pediatrician. Frequently when I say, “I don’t understand Spanish very well” the reply comes back “No te preocupes” (don’t worry), then the speaker rattles off a rapid-fire string of Spanish. The same was true for this doctor, but I could understand him nonetheless. Besides Timothy’s ongoing diarrhea, the reason for our visit was to obtain prescriptions for vaccinations which we now realize we should have (typhoid and Hepatitis A, which are both common here. Typhoid is carried by flies so you have to cover fruits and vegetables after washing them). The subject of vaccinations can be trying in the States, but this doctor was nonchalant. He wrote the needed prescriptions and suggested that we might want to think about varicela (chicken pox) also as it is very common here. At the conclusion of our visit, he said that we could pay the $10 copay (per child) to him directly, and we realized to our embarrassment that we had brought no cash. “No worries, just stop by whenever it’s convenient.” Huh! He also gave us his cell # and email address and said to call him any time. Huh!

Regarding Timothy, he suggested a stool sample to identify the bug, but since he has no fever or other symptoms, he thought it would probably resolve in another week or so. He suggested lactose-free milk, which is readily available here, and said we could discontinue the ineffective medicine he had been taking. This was good news for Timothy, as it tastes terrible. Please continue to pray for our not-so-little-any-more guy.

Oh, and I started my fourth round of Cipro for the same reason as Timothy. Unfortunately, he is too young to take the powerful stuff. As to how long we an expect to encounter intestinal problems, one missionary friend who has been in Peru 43 years still has occasional problems from contaminated foods. But for most people, the frequency of problems diminishes after the first few months.

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