16 Nov
Arequipa Zoo

Arequipa Zoo

Can you say you’ve properly visited a city if you haven’t been to the zoo? Arequipa has a small zoo started when the police started rounding up illegal exotic animals years ago. It has lions and tigers and penguins, oh my! We visited the zoo today with the ESL class that we’ve been helping on Tuesday nights. It’s quite a ways out of town so the taxi ride was expensive ($8.50), but the good part was there were nine of us squeezed into a station wagon to share the fare: one in front, four in the middle, and four in back (Daniel and three college students). Some things just aren’t a problem in Peru. We all pitched in to buy rotisserie chicken and carried in our picnic lunch. Total cost for our family and a friend including taxis, buses, admission, lunch, drinks, and ice cream treats at the zoo was $28. Hopefully, the vendors in the zoo will never visit America to learn how park concessions gouge visitors!

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One Response to “Zoo”

  1. Doug November 19, 2013 at 3:03 pm #

    viva los pingüinos

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