Language school

17 Nov

Language school is going well. I thought I’d post a quick video tour of what’s it like to walk to school each morning. It’s a bit more complicated than usual just now because of the construction on Calle Romaña, the narrow one-way street which goes almost directly from our neighborhood to the language school neighborhood. If you listen carefully, you can hear Timothy talking about the “quicksand” on the street.

Thanks to my son Michael for providing video editing assistance and to Google Hangouts for providing the capability to share my screen with him rather than spending 11 hours uploading the raw clips! I hope to post a lot more video soon.

One Response to “Language school”

  1. Bill Chandler November 18, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    Appreciated the video on your trip to school. Notice you all have back packs. I noticed that Vickie was the smiling face. I don’t guess there is any auto traffic on quick sand alley. Walk here, walk there. Guess you folks don’t need any other exercise as you go to Habla Espanol. Grandpa muy poco. Love to all

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