21 Nov

This morning we were awakened about 2am to the sound of car alarms, dogs barking, and what sounded like a train or large truck passing. The earthquake was a small one (4.3) centered near Mollendo on the coast, but it was the strongest we have ever experienced. The bed was shaking. Things quieted down quickly, but I’m not sure I really slept after that. The temblor (tremor) was very unsettling. Vicki woke up first and Daniel was up, too. We had invited the Peats and their friends over for dinner yesterday night and talked about home security, among other things, so being awakened in the middle of the night was perhaps more disturbing than it would have been otherwise. Also I had coffee after dinner, which I know I should avoid, but alas, I am a social drinker (of coffee).

At language school this morning, we had an earthquake drill. The tremor definitely got our attention.

The kids are visiting our nearby school today. In God’s provision, Daniel and Anna have English speakers in their classes, and Timothy’s teacher speaks English, so they will be able to communicate and ask questions. This is a HUGE event in all of our lives, even if only a visit, and we appreciate your prayers.

2 Responses to “Temblor”

  1. michael CHANDLER November 22, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    I hope this is not a regular event. We are grateful you all survived and that nothing was broken. I think you hold the record for Chandler’s in earthquakes. Mom and I felt one or two in Lompoc. They rattled the dishes in the cabinet but don’t think the numbers were close to 4.3. I’m sure all the oil drilling in the world and fracking for natural gas have nothing to do with them. Excess CO2 in the atmosphere is surely the cause. Maybe the coast of Peru is too close to the coast of CA. Glad yall are safe!

    Love, Dad

  2. Norvell November 23, 2013 at 7:25 am #

    Hey David. I just read about the earthquake. You know that Natalie and I lived in Northern Cal for 17 years. A year after we married we experienced the 2nd largest of the last century. It was disturbing even for me being accustom to small ones. We will pray that God will protect you and bring peace and a settled mind set where they are concerned (that is the only thing that we know will help).
    We’re glad all is going well. (Keep your shoes at the ready day and night so if flight is necessary you can do so without hurting your feet). We love you guys……
    Norvell & Natalie

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