Fun at school

22 Nov

The kids visited the school near us the last couple days and have actually enjoyed themselves somewhat (especially the boys). Their classmates have been amazingly friendly. Daniel met two English-speaking friends who invited him to play soccer with them tomorrow morning. One is a Christian and invited him to his youth group also. Timothy has charmed all the boys and girls his age, and Anna also has an English-speaking classmate. Besides playing a lot of soccer at recess and after school, they do a lot of fun stuff: cooking, dance, playing the recorder (flute), swimming, etc. The principal and teachers have gone out of their way to involve our kids, and after only 2 days, their progress in Spanish was noted by the principal. He has invited them to attend for the remaining 3 weeks of this school year, which would greatly help get them ready for next year. This is a gigantic answer to prayer, for which we are extremely thankful!

Please pray for my work visa. The local immigration office believes that my company must hire 5 Peruvian workers. We already discussed this with the Ministry of Work and were exempt from that requirement since it is a new business, but Immigration doesn’t seem to have as clear a procedure for exemption. Steve and I are going Monday to speak with the chief, whom, in God’s Providence, Steve has known for a long time. Other than this unexpected requirement, everything else seems to be in order.

One Response to “Fun at school”

  1. michael CHANDLER November 23, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    That’s really wonderful about the school. Can they still do their morning Spanish classes and then go to school? Or will the Spanish classes be put on hold since the school benefits them more. Nothing like hearing it all the time to learn it. Really good to know they are getting a social life again.

    We will pray for your immigration meeting. The day may come when you will have 5+ Peruvians working for you but your business needs time to grow. I can see that requirement if a big firm wanted to set up in Peru, but you are a one man startup venture. It might help to make that known to immigration. Your Mr. Steve is an angel from heaven.

    Love, Dad

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