Too much to write

9 Dec

I’m chock full of thoughts but this is going to be a very busy week. I made many good connections this week and will have the opportunity to develop some further when I go to Lima this week to speak at a conference, but my thoughts are far from technology. I have been reading some profound theological books and have been rejoicing in the biblical truth of God’s free and sovereign grace. It turns out some of the books are available in Spanish and are currently available for purchase in Lima, where I will be later this week, Lord-willing. More on that later.

Meanwhile, we were visited by a potential thief (as best we can tell) at home this week. Won’t go into all the details, but he was at the gate asking for me via the intercom when I walked up from the store and he asked for someone else. He got some of the names wrong, indicating he was probably just fishing for information or trying to get someone to let him in. Something in my spirit told me all was not right. Thankfully, everyone did the right thing and no one let him in. He turned and walked away. Crime typically goes up in December because of the opportunistic theft of Christmas presents. We appreciate your prayers for our safety as well as spiritual peace during this season.

There is much to do to prepare for my Lima trip. It is a week full of opportunities, both spiritual and technical. Much grace needed.


One Response to “Too much to write”

  1. Peter Krol December 9, 2013 at 8:47 am #

    Thanks for all the updates, David! I’m sorry to hear about the potential thief, but it sounds like it could have been a lot worse. I hope you have a great trip to Lima.

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