Conference update

17 Dec
Closing fun and games at GBG Lima

Closing fun and games at GBG Lima

My talks at the Google Business Group and Google Developer Group in Lima went very well. About 1,400 people attended the two events, although not all came to my talks 🙂 I gave one in Spanish as I had done in Juliaca and the other in English because the technical subject matter was more complex. Someone offered to interpret, but the audience preferred English. Unless you have simulcast equipment, an “interrupter” just slows down the presentation too much and most technical students can understand spoken English.

As in Juliaca, my audience was really appreciative of my efforts, laughed at all my jokes, and took a LOT of photos afterward. I felt like a celebrity. It’s kind of mind-boggling, actually. I also made many good connections with students and software developers who are eager to work with me as I get the software business rolling. This is important as good developers are really hard to find here.

As my Spanish improves, I believe I will have great opportunities to use my gift of writing to share my faith with these groups. I need great wisdom as to how to structure business activities in such a way as to produce income but at the same time allow time and flexibility for writing and personal ministry.

I’m still waiting to hear from immigration regarding my work visa, but I plan to go to INTERPOL tomorrow morning to pick up the statement of clean record I will need later in the visa process.

I am thinking about going parachuting today along the coast…. the updraft along the cliffs of Lima makes for spectacular “surfing” in the air (and hopefully not the water…).

One Response to “Conference update”

  1. Dawn Robyn December 17, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

    That is fantastic David! Praise The Lord!

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