A restful week

23 Dec

I flew back to Arequipa on Friday with a case of books to give away and a few Christmas presents which, thankfully, did not incur extra baggage fees. All went smoothly except the taxi ride from Miraflores to the Lima airport, which is always the most tedious part of the journey and takes almost as long as the flight to Arequipa. I’ve had more asthma the last few days due to picking up a mild cold in Lima. This has made me realize that I haven’t yet made adequate preparations for an asthma emergency here (as in, who you gonna’ call and where you gonna’ go?). I did not bring my nebulizer from the States; however, a local missionary doctor has given me plenty of prednisone which I can use in lieu of the nebulizer to keep things under control. Thankfully, as hoped, I’ve had almost no asthma since we’ve been here. This has been a huge blessing.

I really enjoyed my week in Lima. I was staying in a comfortable hotel in the nice part of town thanks to the generosity of the conference at which I spoke, so I made a point to walk the 14 blocks to the oceanfront daily. Following my talks, I had only one or two appointments each day. I visited the UNI computing research program, picked up my paperwork from INTERPOL, visited a software company where I will likely do some teaching, and met a like-minded pastor from whom I bought some books. This left several hours a day for reading, writing, and shopping for a few items we can’t get in Arequipa. I am really thankful for this time and wish that Vicki and the kids could have enjoyed it with me instead of slaving over their language school homework… Although I missed Vicki and the kids, it’s the most relaxed i can remember being in a long time.

I was hoping to pick up my visa and residence card in Lima but was not able to. According to the Web site, the visa has been approved by the director, which is wonderful news, but is lacking one step. I don’t know what it is so I will have to wait for final approval or visit the office in Arequipa again. Fortunately for Vicki, this guarantees that I will accompany her to Lima for her INTERPOL visit.

We have a slew of Google Hangouts lined up for this week with friends and family who are foolishly braving subzero temperatures to celebrate Christmas without us when they could have been enjoying Arequipa’s sunny and 70 degree weather. But we are all together in spirit. And Facebook. And Google Plus. I am still amazed at just how well video calls can transport us to Mom & Dad’s living room on another continent.

Vicki is up very late tonight making pie crust while I write. We met with the math teacher at the nearby school today and arranged summer classes to help prepare the kids for the school year starting in March. Math is a language all its own and can be understood independently of spoken language; still, I don’t envy our kids having to learn new concepts in the language of mathematics in Spanish. Just learning to pronounce numbers like 347.229,00 is a chore, especially since they often reverse the decimal point and commas here. I’m sure there are some prayer requests in here somewhere.

3 Responses to “A restful week”

  1. Dan and Cheri Cilli December 24, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    the first holiday so far from home can be a tad flat at times…but Cheri and I hope you can start some new tradition that will become a most joyful memory for you years from now when you begin to reflect upon the early years of your journey. Blessings and Christmas from Georgia…the Cilli’s

  2. Bill Chandler December 24, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

    Your adventures never cease to amaze me. It’s Christmas Eve here in Bella Vista and Sylvia and I will be hosting dinner for two widow neighbor ladies after we attend the 3 O’clock church services. Christmas day will be just the two of us here at home. Christmas without family is a lonely one. You have Vickie and 3 of your great kids. Hopefully back in the high altitude your asthma will get under control. We will continue to pray for you and your family in what I’m sure will prove to be a worth while endeavor. Will probably be out of touch for the month of January as we will be in Rockport, Texas with some friends from Hot Springs village. Love Gramps

  3. Peter and Myrna December 24, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    70° in December. I can remember those kinds of days in Arizona. Alas, 35° max tomorrow in Missouri. ¡Feliz navidad a ustedes! Sean con ustedes las bendiciones del Señor.

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