Happy camper

31 Jan

By the look on her face and chatter with her friends, it appears Anna had a great week at summer camp. It was all in Spanish but she had an English-speaking friend to help her out. It turns out that you can swim and do many other activities without knowing any Spanish, but we’re really glad she had the opportunity to learn more Spanish with friends and are also very thankful that she didn’t get sick!

We’ve grown a little discouraged trying to find activities for the kids to help them learn more Spanish before school starts. There are lots of summer vacation programs like sports and art classes, but none nearby. Vicki and I have language school until 1:40 so we can’t be running kids around in buses or taxis until the afternoon. It’s hard to find things here because very few businesses are online, much less summer programs. That makes camp all the more important and special. Daniel will get his turn in a couple week, Lord-willing, and Timothy isn’t quite ready.

We are waiting for our official marriage certificate to arrive from the States before we can apply for Vicki’s visa. It’s been 2 weeks now. We’re not sure what to think about the mail here yet, but overnight shipping is very expensive (~$80+ for one document). Please pray that we would be able to start this process soon!

One Response to “Happy camper”

  1. michael CHANDLER February 1, 2014 at 9:19 pm #

    Super! Glad Anna had a good time. You are doing the best you can at keeping your children engaged in their new culture. We continue to pray for all of your language skills. We marvel at the ignorance of churches when praying for missionaries. They hardly ever pray for language when that’s the number one hurdle every time, and not just the 1st year. One trip abroad and that usually changes!

    Love, Dad

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