An almost boring day

19 Feb

Hah! Got ya’. You want to know the not boring part, don’t you? Well, that would be the “exploding” solar water tank. First, let me say that I love our solar water heater. Almost every house in Arequipa has one because there is so much sun. Even after a couple cloudy days, the water will be at 50 degrees Celsius, which is plenty warm for a hot shower. And free energy is pretty neat. We spend less than $45 / mo. on gas & electric because the climate is so mild and we have no HVAC.

But back to the solar tank, it hadn’t been refilling properly for the last couple days and every now and then would vent quite forcefully and spew hot water on the roof and kitchen window. Our landlord came by with the service guy this morning and replaced the water level sensor. Everything seemed to be fine until this afternoon when I heard it erupt. Only this time it didn’t quit and water was gushing out. Thankfully, the landlord was home and came running up the stairs. A connection in the supply pipe had given way. He temporarily rejoined the connection and later came up with teflon pipe tape to seal it, so we should be good at least until tomorrow afternoon….

In other news, I’ve received no applications for the summer internship I posted on my company G+ page. This has been a bit surprising. However, the two students and one other helper who came to the intensive summer course we had offered earlier are very interested in working with me. I told them I only had budget for one student, and they all offered to work for free just for the training opportunity. So it looks like I have three motivated students to help out with my backlog. This is really good news since all the projects are unfunded at this point…..

Things are starting to come together. Stay tuned!


One Response to “An almost boring day”

  1. Millie February 20, 2014 at 8:57 am #

    Estamos Orlando por Edgar. Que Dios te de sabiduria para explicarle de Su soberanía y Su sublime gracia!

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