We’ve got mail!

23 Feb

We got quite the pleasant surprise today as we received all of our Christmas and birthday cards that had been sent for the last couple months! We share a post office box with friends and unbeknownst to any of us, the post office changed their box renewal policy. When it’s time to renew your box, they conveniently stop delivering to the box with no notice, not even a renewal slip in the box. I tell you, the government paper shortage in Peru is rather annoying. You have to make all your own copies in government offices and there is no toilet paper in public bathrooms. Thankfully, it’s not as serious here as in Venezuela, where toilet paper has become extremely scarce everywhere thanks to the communist dictator Maduro who banned the importation of paper products in order to prevent the newspapers from publishing. Also thankfully, the Arequipa post office called our friends to let them know that their annual renewal was due and that they were holding the mail but would soon return it to sender. Upon paying the annual dues, we all received quite a lot of mail 🙂

So thanks very much for all your cards and letters over the last couple months! If you wondered why you hadn’t heard from us, it’s because we just now got them.

In family news, Daniel survived and perhaps even enjoyed camp last week. He was the only English speaker, but managed to get quite a bit out of it. Timothy is going to VBS this week while Vicki attends language school. I’m headed off to Lima in the morning to teach a couple classes and to meet our first visitors arriving from the States. We appreciate your prayers for safe travel and smooth arrival for all.

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