End of summer

28 Feb

Today is the last week of summer vacation as the kids start Peruvian school on Monday. It’s been a busy week. I did some training for a team in Lima and spent a day there with Pete and Deb visiting from the States. Back in Arequipa, we’re doing last-minute back-to-school shopping (including their uniforms for Monday, which came in about 7pm tonight). I also filed a business form with Registros Publicos that will allow us to proceed with applications for family visas, hopefully in the next week.

In the middle of it all, we got an offer on our house in the States one night before our current listing was to expire. The offer was in line with the market and was about $10,000 more than most realtors told us six months ago that we could possibly get for the house. However, it was still well under the recently reduced listing price (as well as what we paid for the house nine years ago, not including the many improvements). Upon consulting with various professionals in the area, we understand that Pinewood Studios is now open and is bringing 1,800 jobs in the next three months. The market is moving again and the rental market is much stronger than it was six months ago so we are encouraged by the prospects at this point. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in this regard.

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