Off to Colca, off to school, off to Immigration

5 Mar
Some terraces predate the Incas.

Some terraces predate the Incas.

This weekend was our last before school started on Monday and we all enjoyed our time with Pete and Deb in the Colca Valley, spending one night in Chivay and getting up bright and early (5am) to drive up the valley in search of Andean condors. The usual viewing point was socked in so after an hour or so, we drove back to another spot and thankfully spotted a couple. But I enjoyed the mountain and canyon views as much as anything. You can see some of the best scenic shots by clicking on the picture.

The kids started Peruvian school on Monday. What a challenge! They’ve never gone to “regular” school, much less in uniform and speaking a foreign language. But they’re working hard, understanding a little, and otherwise being very good sports about it. We are very proud of them. We all have a long ways to go towards fluency and appreciate your prayers. I’m also very thankful for Vicki, who has been running all over town buying books, uniforms, and school supplies. She must have gone to 10 different stores. Here you not only have to buy your own books, but also stuff for the school: 1000 sheets of paper per kid, 3 rolls of paper towels… seriously, what is it with Peru and paper products?

Immigration assembly room

Immigration assembly room

Please pray for us Thursday as we go to Immigration. We *think* we finally have everything together to apply for residency for Vicki and the kids. I’ve spent many hours running back and forth between notaries and various other offices and have finally assembled the 20 or so pages per person needed to apply, much of it duplicates of documents they already have, and every page of every duplicate has to be notarized for each applicant, ridiculous.

It doesn’t directly affect immigration (hopefully), but I’m still trying to become the official manager of my own company. There was a snag in Registros Publicos and I now have to take a whole book of documents which have already been notarized individually to, you guessed it, the notary, in order to legalize the book as a whole. Then back to Registros Publicos, after which I get to wait another 2 weeks for my next opportunity to learn the ropes. Thankfully, the lines at Registros Publicos were not long and I even managed to get in and out of Banco de la Frustración in 10 minutes when there were queues of 30 people thanks to my ignorance of procedure and a gracious teller. Something happens in early March that sure creates lines at the banks.

At long last, we have decided to put our house in Tyrone up for rent on a long-term basis. It has 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, a huge side yard, and a basement. Let us know if you’re interested. This will greatly help to meet our monthly living expenses as we work to get the business going.

2 Responses to “Off to Colca, off to school, off to Immigration”

  1. Millie March 6, 2014 at 9:25 am #

    Impresionada de tu talento musical como “rapero”!!!! Compartimos el video en una clase de español. Lo disfrutamos!

  2. Juan March 13, 2014 at 9:42 am #

    The authorities are wrong if they are asking for papers they already have, because of the rule of Law (Ley 27444), but being you a foreign national you are unaware of this and I think you can’t argue with them as I can’t argue with US homeland security-TSA. :/

    On the Banco de la Nación lines, take in mind that this government bank handle pension payment for retirees and government payroll on a monthly scheduled basis ( , and additionally there are
    monthly deadline dates for taxes payment that clutter bank offices with accountants’ clerks (

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