Encouraging week

17 Mar

Last week I began teaching 3-4 students in the afternoons. Teaching motivates me to code and it was a lot of fun digging into it afresh. We made some final tweaks to launch a Web site for a client and are now working on an Android app that will be a quick reference for folks learning Spanish like us. Also I lined up a speaking engagement in May on Web & mobile strategies at a university for students in the tourism industry.

The kids are really busy with homework now but hanging in there. Timothy wasn’t feeling well this morning, but we didn’t know it until he tossed the cookies while standing in formation during morning exercises at school. Fortunately we live close by and Daniel and his teacher brought him home. He was bouncing off the walls by dinner 🙂

We got to meet a neighbor from Timothy’s class yesterday afternoon. They rang the bell wanting to copy the questions from one of the homework assignments (from us?!) so we invited in Leo and his mom and got to chat a while. We’re really tickled that they felt free to do that and scheduled a time for the boys to get together to play.

Immigration is quiet for now. With any luck, I’m the official manager of the company for real this time and can go request the papers tomorrow. Also I’m getting business cards printed. People still use them there. Of course, I’m putting a QR code on the back so Android users can load my contact info without any typing.

Last week I thought to myself that it had been a while since we’d felt a tremor so I was both prepared and relieved when the earth started shaking yesterday around 4:30pm. It was a 6.8 off the coast of Chile near the border with Peru. Around midnight there was an aftershock which I heard more than felt. The earth makes a weird grinding noise, sort of like a bowling alley but more uniform. A few dogs barked, then it quit. The strange thing to me is that the quakes last a while. I would expect the energy to be released in an impulse event when plates collide, but the ones we’ve experienced go on for 15-30 seconds then quit as suddenly as they began.

That’s all for now. We appreciate your prayers.

One Response to “Encouraging week”

  1. michael CHANDLER March 18, 2014 at 10:23 pm #

    We are glad things are looking up. We are especially encouraged that the kids are taking well to school and making friends. Keep up the good work!

    Love, Dad

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