All off to Lima

9 Apr
Photo of snow-capped Chachani

Fresh snow on Chachani

We are finally starting to feel like we’re getting settled in. I’m no longer having to go downtown every day for immigration-related stuff. The company is situated with registrations and bank accounts, and we’ve got a few proposals outstanding for possible work. Vicki and I are teaching Arequipa English on Tuesday nights, and we had ten students show up this week! I’m hosting a free Android laboratory every afternoon for a group of interested university students.

Anna celebrated her first Peruvian birthday this past Saturday. Five girls from school came and a couple English-speaking friends, as well. We learned a bit of Peruvian culture in the process. We put on the invitations that the party was from 10-12. The first guest showed up at 10:45 and the last showed up at 11:45, I think. Vicki and I had a meeting at 2pm and thought that ending at noon would give us plenty of time to clean up the party and walk to our appointment. But… it seems that some of the guests may have interpreted 10-12 as the arrival time. Most of the girls’ parents arrived by 1pm, but one girl was still hanging around at 2pm. She overheard that we needed to leave and started to walk out of the park but the other remaining girl who lives in the neighborhood stopped her and asked her where she was going. “I’ll just walk home since we have to leave,” she said. “Oh no! You can’t do that! You live way on the other side of town!” We’re so thankful that the neighbor girl realized what was happening. She used our phone to call her dad, who finally showed up about 2:15. We were late, but the visiting Americans we were meeting were understanding.

We’re all headed off to Lima tomorrow afternoon for Vicki and the kids to pick up their residence cards. We learned that only Vicki has to pay the $235 in fees, as kids under 18 are exonerated. That was a huge relief! We’re looking forward to some Thai food at a restaurant near the guest house where we are staying, too. Please pray for smooth travels and no hiccups at Immigration. I may be teaching a class Fri morning, so Vicki and the kids may have to go alone. It’s not a lot of talking, just taking photos, fingerprints, and waiting, so they should be OK, but….

2 Responses to “All off to Lima”

  1. michael CHANDLER April 10, 2014 at 7:23 pm #

    For the last time! (for Immigration).  Enjoy the Thai food!

    Love,   Dad

  2. Bill Chandler April 10, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

    Your experiences in a foreign land make me realize what a great country we live in. Am sure the natives of Peru feel the same about their country. I’m sure your never realized the costs involved when you planned your journey into a foreign land. My best to all and especially a Happy birthday to Anna who should be 12 according to my birthday list. I’m 3 days late so I hope she will forgive me. I’m sure she remembers Grandpa Mike but Great Grandpa Bill ???? Still remember her great bowling with the wi fi. Love Gramps

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