At Immigration

11 Apr

Vicki just called and said that the security guards at Immigration told her she needed payments and forms for each kid before they would let her up the stairs. This was similar to what happened to me when I went until I mentioned “They told me in Arequipa that…” and the clerk said, “Oh, you applied in Arequipa!” and went to a different room and came back with my papers. Vicki knew that might happen, but didn’t expect it from the security guards (nor did I) so didn’t mention Arequipa and has to wait in line all over again. The crazy thing is, the application code printed in big letters on the page starts with “AQPxxx” so with just a little bit of training, everyone in the Immigration dept. could learn to recognize when an applicant has initiated the process in Arequipa and that slightly different rules apply. Please keep praying for them and for me. It’s good that I’m not there.

One Response to “At Immigration”

  1. Paul Robyn April 11, 2014 at 10:00 am #

    Ugh. Praying for you guys. Try to keep smiling! You all should make sure you write down all these crazy stories so that someday you can laugh about them! Or write a comedy routine…

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