Home again

12 Apr

We enjoyed a few hours at the beach in Lima before heading back to Arequipa…. On the advice of a taxi driver yesterday, we found the swimming beach in Barranco (Agua Dulce), much safer and sandier than the surf beach in Miraflores. I’m pretty sure we paid the gringo tax to rent the umbrella and chairs ($3.60) but it was cheaper than bringing our own 🙂 Beach tranquility is interrupted every 5 minutes by vendors of ceviche, chicken, snacks, trinkets, beach toys, soccer balls, apples, and more. I finally succumbed and paid $0.70 for a bag of popcorn and barquillos (crunchy sweetbread sticks). Our time was short but sweet and the surf was quite heavy, lots of fun. But COLD! Anna says its the nicest beach she remembers. She was pretty little last time we went to the Atlantic Coast. It’s been long enough that I’d have to look through my Picasa albums to figure out when that was.

Tonight we’re back in Arequipa as official Peruvian residents and very thankful to have passed that major milestone. Immigration in Lima gave us an envelope to take back to Arequipa, so I’ll have to make one more bus trip to the office. I guess they don’t trust SERPOST, either 🙂

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