Power restored

20 Apr

Our celebration of the risen Lord will be that much brighter this morning on account of getting our power back. It turns out that the meter box is on the street with no lock on the main breaker. Pranksters apparently just flipped the switch after ringing our bell. When I saw the landlord this morning, I asked him where the meter was, saw the breaker in the off position, and pushed it back on. Voila! The landlord is going to buy a lock. Neither he nor we got a lot of sleep last night. Oh, and there was another small earthquake in Chile, which we felt last night when going to bed. But I’ll bet it was nothing compared to the earthquake in Jerusalem ~2,000 years ago 🙂

One Response to “Power restored”

  1. michael CHANDLER April 20, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

    That Jerusalem quake is still shaking the world.  Glad your power came back so quickly.  Good thinking on the breaker.  We had an outdoor main to 6122.  Fire dept would not let us lock the box.  I never felt good about that.  I understood their reason but at the same time, a thief could dump the power and disable alarms and intrusion protection devices.  Don’t ask your FD if it’s OK to lock the box.

    Love,   Dad

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