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Back home

30 May

Greetings, Chandler blog readers. No, I haven’t stopped writing! I took a break while we were in the States for 2.5 weeks. There is much to share but I didn’t have much time during our visit and for security purposes did not want to tell the whole Internet that we would be away for 2+ weeks.

That's the way we roll in ArequipaWe’re almost back in Peru now, as we’re still awaiting Vicki’s return. Initially, she was the only one who was able to go to Rebekah’s graduation, so we had separate plane reservations. The kids are back in school and things are almost normal but I don’t make nearly as good a mom and it’s a lot of work!

We enjoyed getting to visit with many of you during our short week in Georgia as well as family in Kentucky and Iowa and friends in Missouri. Thank you all for your hospitality in providing meals, lodging, and even a car for our use. These things were a great blessing to us!

There were many surprises for us during our visit. When we arrived in the States, everything was so familiar that it felt like we’d only been gone a week. But for me, at least, it began to feel increasingly alien toward the end of our visit. To be sure, my body was complaining about the lack of exercise and the asthma and allergies which came back for me almost upon arrival. But also we were nomads, staying with friends and family, and away from our normal routine. I missed quite a few friends in Arequipa and the students we’ve been teaching. Going “home” isn’t the same when someone else is living in your old home.

So I’m thankful to be back home in Arequipa. My body is very happy to be back in the clear, dry air, and it’s good to be back in my own bed, sit at my own desk, etc. The kids weren’t initially as excited about being back at school, but after a day of the stomach flu, Timothy was eagerly asking, “Dad, can I go to school today?” Unfortunately, we all came down with the flu in the last couple days, so it will perhaps be a few more days before we can really enjoy being home again. But the flu should help jump start taking off the extra pounds I gained in the States. It turns out that one should not eat at all of one’s favorite restaurants in the same week!

Thanks again to all for your hospitality and prayers during our visit. It was sweet to see many old friends and a few new ones, and we’re thankful for the many ways that you shared your time and resources with us.




A communications experiment

5 May

We hope you’ve enjoyed staying connected with us via our blog over the last several months. This blog will remain the place where we post things of general interest about our life in Peru. However, we’ve also started a mailing list using MailChimp for items of a more personal and/or spiritual nature, including specific prayer requests for our family that we may not to want share generally. If you wish to receive those communications also, please use this MailChimp signup form. Every email sent from the list will have an Unsubscribe link, so you can opt out at any time. If you received an email from us about a week ago that looked nicely formatted and said MailChimp at the very bottom, you’re already on the list. If not, you are only signed up to receive our blog posts via email and you may also want to signup for the monthly list using the link above.

In other news, Vicki graduated from language school last week. She gave an excellent closing speech, and while she would not call herself fluent, she has made tremendous progress in these six months and I am very proud of her.

The kids are enjoying a lighter week at school. It’s testing week, so they’re getting out at 11am every day. They are not enrolled as regular students this year so their official grades would not suffer while they learn Spanish (speaking of which, is coming along nicely). Thus, the tests are a bit less stressful for them than their classmates 🙂 Next week, they are off school and we are all looking forward to the break!

We got a letter!

1 May

It’s always exciting to get snail mail, so we were tickled to get a normal-looking business letter yesterday at the house from the Georgia Dept. of Revenue (ho ho! how often can one say that?) It informed us that due to strict security measures, our refund was suspended. Thankfully, they had also sent an email 2 weeks ago and the problem has long since been cleared up.

Today was a holiday (International Day of the Worker, much like Labor Day in the US) so the kids got off school and a few of us even made it to a park this afternoon for some Frisbee. Now they’re doing homework getting ready for their last day of school before test week, and then… Georgia!