Confessions of two Christian geeks

8 Jul
screenshot of my desktop

All in a day’s work

I haven’t had much time to write because I’ve wanted to maximize every minute of the time that our programming intern Gene is here to work with me on But upon arriving back at my desk at 10:45pm after Arequipa English tonight (and helping the kids with their homework), I thought the scene which greeted me on my computer desktop was worthy of a post. This is my computer as I left it at 6:30pm while racing out the door to make copies and catch a taxi to the cafe where we hold English conversation practice classes.

Let me break this down for you:

  • Printer dialog (last thing I did was print the notes before running out the door and forgetting the camera David J asked me to bring tonight).
  • Bible study notes I had worked on this afternoon on Genesis 15. Uber important chapter! “Abram believed the Lord, and He counted it to Him as righteousness.” Salvation is by FAITH ALONE. And the covenant “signing” where God does it all. UNCONDITIONAL Gospel promise. Can you feel it, friends? One student asked me tonight, “but don’t we still have to keep the Law?” Ah, but the Law isn’t given for another 430 years, notes Paul. I offered to meet with him to discuss at length, and we’re on for 10am tomorrow.
  • Extended notes I found online for students’ further study
  • IntelliJ (programming environment we’re using for
  • Chrome with LOTS of tabs: several for Bible chapters, a reference on single sign-on programming using OAuth, MailChimp with an unfinished newsletter, and the Web site in development mode.

Our programming intern Gene (who also helps with Arequipa English) meanwhile is dreaming in code. Last night while sleeping he evidently spoke in Java and Javascript (so sad–inside geek humor). We’ve almost got Facebook and Google Plus login ready, but alas, as of this morning, the power cable for his Microsoft Surface Pro no longer charges his tablet, which he’s been using as his primary development machine. The Surface isn’t sold in Peru so these cables are hard to come by, but thankfully the Peats’ daughter visiting from the UK had brought her Surface with her, so we made a trip to Sachaca this afternoon to determine that the cable is the problem. We could take it around to some shops, but that takes time and Gene’s only here for 8 more working days, so we’ve repurposed an old laptop and it will have to do.

So I may be a little stressed, but also very, very encouraged with the progress we’re making on several fronts. And with that, I’d really better go.

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